Website Policies

I completely reserve the rights to any and all content on this site.

So no, you can’t copy without my permission.

With that said, I love to share freely and I love to connect with people. So ask me if you can use, copy, etc. and I’d love to get to know you and whatever awesome things you’re doing. (I can only assume that if you want to use any of my content it’s because you’re awesome)


Disclaimer (you can’t squeeze water from a rock, but here’s my attempt at legaleze anyway)

This website is for informational purposes only. I’m no doctor, so if you feel like you’ve received medical advice of any kind on this site (which you haven’t) then proceed at your own risk.

I take no responsibility for any comments as they are the content of each individual user and not necessarily my own. Comments are for the purpose of engagement and fostering a conversation on a topic. So if you are irreparably harmed because someone tells you in the comments section to sell everything and move to Canada, tough luck. Actually, please let me know so I can delete those comments. I don’t want outlandishly weird stuff on this site, just normally weird stuff.

I am a Post-Tribulation (or Mid-, depending on how you define that yourself) Premillenialist, but if Jesus returns tomorrow and you weren’t raptured, then feel free to sue me for everything because I’ll be gone anyway. You can have it all.

If you’d like to know Jesus so that no matter when He comes (including the unfortunate accident, illness or old age that have so far taken everyone on planet earth), then please CONTACT ME so we can talk about the steps to knowing and following Jesus.

In other words, there are no warrantees from this site, implied or implicit. If you’re cranky, go sue Wal-Mart.