Podcast Week 6 | John 11-12



DAY 1: John 13:1-17

Stories: Jesus washes the disciples’ feet


1) It is interesting how John adds his commentary at the beginning of this chapter. He rarely does this throughout the book, so we see something is different here. This is the moment when he leaned against Jesus’ chest at the dinner, so it became a pivotal and defining moment for John. This was very special to him.

2) Peter was always all in our all out. His refusal and then insistence to be washed is somewhat funny in the midst of what is going on. There are several times in the book where it seems like John is including stories of Peter for amusement’s sake. I sense a brotherly love in some poking of fun at Peter with things like this.

3) They didn’t understand, but they soon would: The disciples made a dramatic change after the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and the same people who wanted to call down fire on others now are walking in the authority and humility of Jesus as they saw when they were with Him. This was a beautiful example set for His disciples

Paradoxes: Why does the creator of all things stoop down to wash our feet? Why does God humble Himself for our sake? We don’t deserve it

DAY 2: John 13:18-30

Stories: Judas’ Betrayal Foretold


1) Why is Jesus so troubled by His betrayal? Didn’t He choose Judas knowing full well what he would one day do? Why is Jesus so filled with emotion over this?

2) This is the moment John used to define himself for the rest of his life and this book. He was no longer a rough, manly fisherman, but a gentle soul in love with God Himself. For John to set aside the macho exterior for this identity says a lot about himself and the Son of Man that he came to know.

3) Why the dipping in the bowl thing? How did the disciples not understand what was happening?

4) What does it mean for Satan to enter someone? How exactly did this work and how would it work today?

Paradoxes: As we’ve looked at before, why did Jesus choose Judas knowing what he would one day do?

DAY 3: John 13:31-38

Stories: Peter’s Denial Foretold


1) Love one another: how is this a new command? Isn’t this throughout the Bible? What did Jesus mean when He called this a new command? Jesus is obviously speaking of something new in this command, so it’s worthy of investigation with the Holy Spirit as to exactly how to live this out. How can we love each other if our standard is the love that Jesus had for us? It’s beyond our ability!

2) This issue of a rooster crowing is very interesting. Other gospels put the details differently. When it comes to details like this, we need to keep in mind what is and isn’t important. From John’s perspective, he is leaving out details he felt unimportant to his point. The three denials are the important part of this which we will revisit in John’s last chapter.

3) John tells Peter’s story more than any other disciple in his book. He tells the weighty, important parts as an example for us and he also shares some lighthearted parts of Peter’s story. I love reading between the lines knowing that these two men would love, respect and work together for decades to come spreading the gospel around the world.

Paradoxes: How is Peter’s denial different from Judas’ betrayal? Why is Judas the bad guy and Peter becomes the leader of the church?

DAY 4: John 14:1-14

Stories: Ask me for anything…


1) Why is Jesus preparing a place for us? Couldn’t He just speak it into being? In what way is Jesus preparing a place for us?

2) Why does Jesus tell the disciples they know where He is going when clearly they don’t? Does’t Jesus know they don’t know? This is a very interesting exchange. He is speaking of Himself being the “place” rather than a place to go. Knowing Jesus is much more important than knowing the right answers or having everything together.

3) The last part of this passage is actually disturbing. Jesus makes it clear that if we believe in Him, we will do the works that He did. He is speaking of healing and deliverance in addition to preaching and teaching. Asking anything in His name is a scary endeavor. Will we be willing to step out and begin asking Jesus to do the things He did through us today?

DAY 5: John 14:15-31

Stories: The Holy Spirit & Obedience


1) This is a hard passage to wrap our minds around. Jesus tells us that if we love Him, we will keep His commandments. He is equating love to obedience, something that the Pharisees were so intent on. How is Jesus’ commandment here different from the Pharisees understanding of obedience?

2) Jesus doubles down on the obedience thing by saying if we don’t obey, we don’t love Him. This causes me to really wrestle with the proper place and understanding of obedience. How can we focus on obeying God without losing our love for Him like the Pharisees? Like the church of Ephesus in Revelation? How can we obey in faith and not in our own strength?

3) The fact that the Holy Spirit will be our teacher is so comforting. God has not left us alone, but has given us a Teacher who can communicate with us as often as we are willing to engage with Him. Are you willing to speak to the Holy Spirit often and throughout the day?

Paradoxes:  If the world accepts us, does that mean we don’t have the Holy Spirit? In what way does the Holy Spirit bring conflict into our lives that didn’t exist before? Should we live at peace with those around us, or will living life in the Spirit bring us conflict?