Week 1 | John 1-2

Introduction to John

Week 1 Day 1: John 1:1-18

Week 1 Day 2: John 1:19-34

Week 1 Day 3: John 1:35-51

Week 1 Day 4: John 2:1-12

Week 1 Day 5: John 2:13-25




DAY 1: John 1:1-18

Stories: Introduction of Jesus and John the Baptist

Curiosities: The Word, the Light, the world did not receive Him

Paradoxes: Word was WITH God and WAS God

DAY 2: John 1:19-34

Stories: John the Baptist

Curiosities: Elijah, the Prophet, Who are you?

Paradoxes: Says he’s not Elijah, but Jesus said he was!

John said he didn’t know Jesus, but they were cousins. What did he mean?

DAY 3: John 1:35-51

Stories: Andrew, Simon, Phillip & Nathanael


1) Why did Jesus rename Simon?

2) Why did Nathanael say nothing good can come from Nazareth?

3) Nathanael will see the angels ascending & descending – just like Jacob


DAY 4: John 2:1-12

Stories: Water to wine


1) Why did Mary tell Jesus to do something?

2) Why did Jesus make the wine really good? What was the meaning of “saving the best for last?”

Paradoxes: “It is not my time,” yet Jesus did the miracle anyway

DAY 5: John 2:13-25

Stories: The Sign of the Messiah (clearing the temple)


1) Same as the other gospels’ later cleansing, or another one early in His ministry?

2) “would not entrust himself to them…” – Jesus did not minister to people because they liked him, but because His Father had called Him to do it and knew His purpose. He drew His energy and purpose from God, not people – this is why so many ministers fizzle out because they get into the rut of working for people instead of for God.

Paradoxes: Destroy the Temple and raise it in three days?