How Do We Grow Closer to God?

The book of Joshua is an often-overlooked book in the Bible, but it provides a wealth of understanding and context necessary to understand the larger narrative going on throughout scripture and the direction and history of Israel.

Joshua is also probably the most contentious book in the Old Testament in our time. It is the book and contains the stories that so many preachers and teachers want to distance themselves from because they believe it teaches things inconsistent with Jesus and the nature of God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding not only what happened, but the how’s and why’s of what happened in Joshua show us that God’s activities and nature have, in fact, not changed. Ever. He is the same God of creation, the same God of Revelation and Jesus and all His teachings are one with the Father.

Joshua is as much a story of the nature of God as it is a history of where and what land the Israelites took for themselves. It is history, geography and theology all rolled into one.