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An Introduction To Revelation

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    Purpose of Studying Revelation
    Read Revelation 1:1-3 – we are blessed by simply reading the words in this book. No other book in the Bible offers such a direct command.We want to study Revelation right. The “right” way to study it isn’t to gain a great depth of knowledge or to have thoughtful theological insights. We study rightly when we choose to engage the God of eternity with His own scriptures and come to know Him better, to experience Him more, and to love Him more deeply.

  2. Difficulties Studying Revelation
    1. Fear of the unknown
      1. Many people choose not to study Revelation because they fear they’ll get into all sorts of weirdness from various teachings–God is coming back on November 15, 2017
        –The 144,000 are the ones that God really likes and you have to work hard to make it into that group
      2. Others choose not to study it because they’re intimidated by all they symbolism and figurative language–The dragon
        –The harlot Babylon
        –7 thunders
        –7 lampstands
      3. Others are fearful of thinking about all the destruction and death that will occur–1/4 of the earth dies
        –1/3 of the earth dies
        –Everyone else dies
        –Pretty much, almost everyone in Revelation dies in the endThe newsflash here is that everyone dies. It is the reason for the death and destruction that we must understand. We study Revelation to understand the reason for all the destruction.
      4. Some are intimidated by the God they meet for the first time in Revelation. He seems more like the “vengeful, wrathful” God of the Old Testament, not the one they feel have been taught about from the New Testament.
        1. Most people today have been sold a Jesus and a God that historical Christianity has not believed in.
          1. God has always been our judge. This isn’t a bad thing—it is a very good thing. Revelation is mostly about God judging the world for its treatment of His Son and its treatment of His people, we the believers.
          2. In Revelation, God will once and for all make good on His word, “Vengeance is Mine,” He will enact vengeance upon the world on our behalf. His wrath will be poured out for us, not against us.
          3. We must not think of God as two beings: the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New. He is the same throughout both, and we will see how that comes together in the book of Revelation
  3. Overview of Revelation
    1. We will study the book for 10 weeks, broken down by the sections listed in your books
    2. The major sections we will see are:
      1. The purpose for writing (1)
      2. The letters to the 7 churches (2-3)
      3. The heavenly throne room (4-5)
      4. The seal judgments (6)
      5. The trumpet judgments (8)
      6. The bowl judgments (15-16)
      7. The parentheticals of power, protection and triumph (7, 9, 10-14)
      8. Babylon’s centrality (17-19:10)
      9. Eternity (19:11-22)
    3. The major themes we will discuss:
      1. The churches
      2. The heavenly world
      3. The judgment of God
      4. Babylon
      5. God’s Divine Protection
      6. God’s Divine Provision
      7. Heaven on earth