Not Just A Cheesy Name for the Coffee Bar At Your Church…

Hebrews was written to a specific group of Jewish Christians somewhere in the first century, but its lessons and precepts are universal and powerful.

Many studies view the book through a Western, Gentile-centric worldview.┬áThis study will look at Hebrews from a more Jewish-centric worldview. It’s not that one is necessarily better than the other, but since this book was written to Jews with a Jewish understanding of the world, it is very helpful to know some background information they would have known.

This study will occasionally draw from the Talmud, the Jewish tradition that modern Judaism operates by. Many Christian scholars discount the Talmud as a source for Christians to gain knowledge, but its importance to Jewish thought cannot be overlooked. And, since this is a book to Hebrews, we may as well at least try to understand how they thought.