Christian Product Expo August 2022 Lexington, KY



Like you, an independent Christian retailer, I am an independent publisher. I have over a decade of experience publishing Bible studies with thousands of copies sold. For the past seven years, the books have been exclusively sold on Amazon, but I’d like that to change. 

I’ll bet you’ve been paying attention to the changing environment in our nation, and companies like Amazon don’t exactly represent Christian values anymore. In fact, often they can be in direct opposition to them. I would love to move away from Amazon and encourage my audience to buy their books at your store instead.

The catalogue of 10 Week Bible Studies will be available for retailers to purchase beginning at the expo. I would love to partner with your Christian Retail Store to see people fall in love with God’s Word.


My heart is to see people fall in love with God through growing in His Word. We help people do that through repetition, helpful commentary and engaging questions. Most of all, we help people stay engaged by encouraging them to keep going when they get off track, get confused or get lost.

David, in Psalm 1, told us that if we meditated on God’s Word day and night, we would be like a tree planted by rivers of living water. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to remember to meditate at all hours of the day. The 10 Week Bible Study makes that easy by encouraging people to read the book of the Bible being studied 10 times in 10 weeks (hence the name).

When you start reading God’s Word like that, you’ll find that you accidentally meditate on His Word. In those moments when your mind is at rest and blank, it always snaps to something you’ve been thinking about. When you pull up to the stoplight, maybe your mind goes to work, chores or that show you’ve been binging on Netflix lately. With the 10 Week Bible Study, you’ll find yourself thinking about God’s Word in those moments. You may just catch yourself asking God questions about what you’ve been reading without even thinking about it.

That is what David meant by meditating on God’s Word day and night, that your heart and mind are so full of His Word that you can’t help but think about it in those quiet times.


The first week (first 5) of podcasts will be posted the week after the Christian Product Expo, the week of August 22nd.

The second week (second 5) of podcasts will be posted around mid-November of 2022.