1 Samuel

1 Samuel is one of the most fascinating stories in Scripture. It reads more like a Hollywood thriller than the Bible. Intrigue, deceit, revenge, war, betrayal and tragedy, it will keep you wanting more.

The story of the foundation of the Kingdom of Israel, 1 Samuel will tell you all about Samuel, Saul and David. Through victories, losses and power struggles Israel was unified into a great kingdom, only to lose its heart because of a man consumed by his lust for power. To read and know 1 Samuel is to know that much more of Israel, Jesus’ people.

Every believer should read and re-read 1 Samuel.

2 Samuel

When God says that someone is “a man after His own heart,” that’s probably someone we should learn about. 2 Samuel is all about David, that man.

Far from perfect, David teaches us how fallen humanity can walk in the light of God by always walking in humility and repenting quickly when caught in sin.

2 Samuel is a manual on how to live for anyone that considers themselves human.


Many people recommend that new Christians begin reading the Bible in John. Most of the recommend this because of the amazing revelation of who Jesus is throughout the book.

Even more important than the amazing revelation of Jesus is how John tears down the walls of human religion that all erect throughout our lives. From John we can learn all the prejudices against God that we have built throughout our lives and begin to tear them down so that we can grow ever closer to God.


The book of Acts is our biblical history as a church. It contains the information of where we’ve been, so if we want to know where we’re going, Acts is our textbook.

Commonly referred to as “The Acts of the Apostles,” the book really reads more like “The Acts of the Holy Spirit.”

If you are hungry to know God more and see how He can work in your life, this book is more than just a good read; it’s a necessity for Christian growth.


Many men and women throughout history have been transformed by the book of Romans. This is Paul’s treatise on how we, as sinners, relate to God. And in case you were unclear whether or not you were a sinner in need of God’s grace, Paul deals with that in the first two chapters.


Revelation does contain all the scary stuff you’ve come to know and love like half the world dying, flaming hailstones and locusts that seemed to be weaponized.

But did you know that this book contains one of the most beautiful and glorious revelations of the cross and of the beauty and glory of Jesus in the Bible? Did you know that it contains information about the security of every believer? Did you know that it holds the keys to not only your future, but your past and present?

Revelation is the only book in Scripture that commands us to read it and then promises us that we will be blessed if we do. This is not a book we should “pass” on. It’s one we should read and re-read until it dwells deep within our spirit.