10 Weeks Can Change Your Life

Thousands of resources

We’ve been hard at work for years now creating resources to help you grow in your walk with God.

We have printed and digital Bible Studies for your group or personal study, daily podcasts walking you through the Bible (now in video format) and weekly videos to supplement your group and personal study.

MILLIONS OF downloads

The 10 Week Bible isn’t on TV. It’s not a celebrity pastor’s pet project. It’s a place for real people who want to know God’s Word better, and it’s been used by tens of thousands of people millions of times!

Books for personal and group study

The 10 Week Bible Studies will guide you through a book with down-to-earth commentary and probing questions. 
Tired of fill-in-the-blank worksheets that ask you what you’ve been told in the previous paragraph? The commentary and questions in a 10 Week Bible Study will help you and your group dig deep into God’s Word and retain it for years to come.

Videos with Valuable Resources & Teaching

Hundreds of videos to encourage you to keep in the Word on a daily basis